Frequently Asked Questions

Pickup & Delivery

Can My Fundraiser Be Delivered?

We offer free local delivery within 50 miles of our organization for fundraisers that have made a minimum of $500 profit. If your organization is outside of the 50 mile radius, there will be a shipping fee taken from your profits.

What are Your Pickup Times?

Our pickup times are 8am-3pm Monday-Friday at 300 Water St.

Where do I Pick Up?

You'll pick up your fundraiser at 300 Water St. Utica NY 13502

Pricing & Payment

Why is There a Price Difference for online Vs. Traditional?

This is due to the fees and extra work on our end that are associated with online fundraising.

How is Payment Processed for the Different Types of Fundraising?

Online: For online fundraising, we will cut your organization a check since we are receiving payment for orders.

Traditional: For traditional, your organization will cut us one check from your earnings since you are receiving payment for orders. Please have this check ready at pickup or delivery.

How Many Checks Should I give You For Traditional Fundraising?

Please give us one total check that reflects the amount on the final invoice.

What if People Have Written Checks Made Out to Utica Coffee and Not My Organization?

People should only be writing checks made out to your organization. If this error is made, request a new check that is made out to your organization.

What Will My Profit Per Item Be?

We do a flat profit of 30% across all our items!


How Will the Orders be Packed Out?

Orders will be packed out by participant. Each participant will have a box with their order form(s) and respective products in it.

If you'd prefer to organize the orders on your own, you can simply send the total tally sheet and all the products will be packed out into a few large boxes.

What Will I Need to do At the End of my Traditional Fundraiser?

Once your traditional fundraiser ends and you receive all the order forms, you can either scan them through email or drop them off in person. The fundraising coordinator will be sending a total sheet which must be included with the individual forms.

What Will I Need to do At the End of My Online Fundraiser?

When your online fundraiser ends, all you'll have to do is confirm that your fundraiser is ready to close and send check information (who to make it out to).

What Should I do if My Fundraiser Has Ended But I don't Have All The Forms From Participants?

Please wait to send in the order forms until you have collected all participant's forms and a complete total sheet.

Can I do Both Traditional and Online Fundraising?

Absolutely! You just need to indicate this in the initial sign up form.


What Do I Do if Orders are Missing?

If anything is missing from your order, please make the fundraising coordinator aware and these orders will be fulfilled in a timely manner.

When Should I Panic?

Never! We'll be there every step of the way to make sure this process is as painless and simple as possible. We put the fun in fundraising!

What do I do if I'm Missing an Item?

Please contact your fundraising coordinator and make sure they don't have your item. If they don't, it will be fulfilled quickly.

What do I do if I Meant to Ship My Order But Picked the Wrong Option?

If you meant to ship your order but chose pickup instead, feel free to contact us through the contact page on this website. Your order will be adjusted accordingly.

How do I Know My Purchase Went to the Correct Fundraiser?

As long as you have selected the correct fundraiser at the order confirmation page, your order will be tracked for that fundraiser.


What Are Your Bags of Coffee Ground For?

All our bags of coffee are ground for a regular drip machine. Some coffees are available in whole bean.

What Seasonal Products are Offered?

We offer a limited amount of seasonal coffees for each respective time of year based on what is released on our main website.